Who we be …

10854422_750558552708_5453870528699484900_oMujeres Mercado is committed to creating market places and cultural spaces that support the growth of women-led alternative economies.   We do this two ways.  First, through our local mercados, and secondly, through our handmade store-front artisan space, and (w)holistic cultural center, The Vibrant Community.

Our local mercado’s promote handmade artesanas, performers and traditional healers and food providers while honoring our rich culturas.  We’ve hosted mercado’s across Central Texas from spaces including local coffeehouses to historical locations like Main Plaza- we travel!

Our storefront, The Vibrant Community features handmade, local artisan goods and (w)holistic cultural programming.  It is open Tues- Thur 2-7pm, and Sat. 10-2PM and located at  1414 E Commerce, SATX. As a project of Mujeres Mercado and Southwest Workers Union,  The Vibrant Community is a space that supports the (w)holistic growth of all of our community members with a special focus on supporting women-led alternative economies.  Inspired by the words of Gloria Anzaldua, we believe that, “we change ourselves, we change the world”,  and this belief includes our capacity to grow stronger through artistic, economic, environmental, and traditional healing methods.

Want know more about us?  Leave us a note below, follow us on FB or IG,  or contact:  mujeresmercado@gmail.com


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