Confirmed Vendors for Mujeres Mercado March 29, 2014

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 12.13.56 PMScreen shot 2014-03-19 at 12.27.08 PMWe’re SO proud and excited to announce these truly POWER-FILLED Mujeres will be joining us for Mujeres Mercado.  These power-full sistarz represent a group of mujeres that are working everyday to build their own economies by creating magical pieces of handcrafted delight.  From painters, to jewelry makers, to herbal medicine makers, to fiber artists, and more each one of these sistarz crafts their own unique pieces AND is an active force in their communities.

Please follow their links to learn more about them:


Cristina M. Martinez – VeryThat
Tk Karakashian Tunchez – Las Ofrendas
Rose Twofeathers Hernandez
Yvonne Dominguez – Reckless Moon
Nicole Gonzalez – Sweet Craft Jewelry
Rachel Lee – The cute shop by Halvaksz
Vanessa Salinas– Sisters of Yarnage
Perla Leal– Arte de Perla
Neidy Flores– Mamacita’s Dulzuras
S G de Hoyos
Amanda Bartlett
Lisa ‘Lika’ Torline– In The Weeds Natural Skin Care
Linda Charlton- Fiber Arts
Marcela Ramirez- Visual Artist
Jennifer Alvarado and Ari Marta Chagoya – Xicana Spirituality And Healingand Que Suave Manos
Nicole Davis – Dog Tired
Rosalynn Warren – Craftivista Beat by Rosalynn Warren
Lovely Minivans
Third Woman Press
Celeste DeLuna
Maribel Falcón
Irma Garcia


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