Mujeres Mercado partners with Historic Main Plaza for Night In the Plaza



Screen shot 2014-08-14 at 12.13.48 AMWe are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Main Plaza, where we will be bringing you SA’s first Night Market. Beginning August 16th, 2014 and continuing every third Saturday through December, Main Plaza will present: Mujeres Mercado Night Market in the Plaza.

Mujeres Mercado will continue to create local marketplaces that support and connect female artesanas, performers, and traditional healers while Main Plaza will host the space and feature it’s already established food vendor truck network, microbrewery kiosk, and San Antonio|The Saga (a one of a kind video installation).

The goal is to provide local residents and visitors with another reason to come downtown.  “There are night markets all over the world where people come together to have a good time,” said Main Plaza Conservancy’s Programs Manager Ashley Quinn. “The Night Market will liven up the ‘Heart of the City’ with lights, music, food, merchants and — above all — bringing our community together. Come and listen to music, sample tasty street eats and spend time with your family and friends — there’s something for everyone.”

We can’t wait to see you! To learn more follow us on the Mujeres Mercado FB Page or check out the event page to learn more about our confirmed vendors.  If you are interested in participating please email:


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