Mujeres Mercado presents: Crystal Healing Sessions with Rose TwoFeathers Hernandez

Mujeres Mercado is proud to invite our community to our new healing space for healing sessions with Rose Twofeathers Hernandez.

Rose is an indigenous energy worker with experience in the crystal and stone therapies. She began her treatments over 30 years ago; recently acknowledging that she was brought to this earth for her healing gifts. Her ability to communicate with the stone allies has been a gift of healing such ailments as fatigue, chronic and acute pain, stress, pre- and post-surgery recovery, broken/fractured bone injuries, torn ligaments or back strains, and much more. Rose has taught her gift of healing to communities in Central Texas and in Michigan.

She will be using clear quartz pendulums, crystals, stones and lastly a Mayan Feather Fan to recharge, align, open, and recharge the body, mind, and spirit of any individual served.

Her sessions offered are usually 30 minutes. She can treat severe pain in 15-25 minutes. With each treatment, a person will have their cellular structure regenerated, cleared and given a new slate for the advancement of programming a new path or good intention of health.
She is offering special community rates for these sessions.
Suggested donations will be $1 a minute. (normal fees are $75 for 45 min).

To reserve a space ahead of time, please email:

To learn more about Rose’s work please visit her FB at:

Co-sponsored by Southwest Workers Union


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