Mujeres Mercado presents: Make your own Infinity Scarf (and more) with Ellen Escalera

Mujeres Mercado is proud to present a crochet series with Ellen Escalera of Hook Yarn Ladder.


“Come learn basic crochet stitches and how to combine them to create your own one-of-a-kind infinity scarf. We will discuss how crochet contributes to your physical and mental well-being. Let’s create a crochet community!”

This course will be five weeks long, 50 minutes each session. Sliding scale $45-$25 for the entire five session course, to benefit the Vibrant Community Space. Cost of materials will range from $10-20 (depending on participants choice of yarn, etc.).

Ellen Escalera has been crocheting since 1972 when a high school friend taught her to crochet a granny square. She began marketing her crochet creations in 2013 under the label Hook Yarn Ladder. She is an experienced handmade artisan whose crochet experience ranges from beautiful small projects (simple crocheted washcloths) to elaborate larger pieces (door mats and speciality pieces). Her work is featured in the Mujeres Mercado’s Vibrant Community, and other local community markets.  


Please RSVP: to confirm and pre-pay for your space. Class is limited to 8 people.

General Outline:

Class #1: What to expect in the five classes (and what not to expect); a history of crochet ; crochet for wellness; caring for yourself; it’s all about the yarn; resources; starting out – the chain

Class #2 Review the chain; the single crochet; the half-double crochet; the importance of gauge and tension

Class#3 The double crochet; the triple crochet; turn, turn, turn; design considerations; “do the math”

Class #4 Shells, borders and embellishments

Class #5 Finishing your work; weaving in your ends; sewing; blocking; caring for your fiber; pricing your work for sale.

Co-sponsored by Southwest Workers Union‘s The Movement Gallery/Underground Library.


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