Mujeres Mercado presents Witness tha Fitness with Laura Rios- Ramirez

Mujeres Mercado is SO excited to invite our fierce mujeres community to get FIT with us as Laura Yohualtlahuiz Rios-Ramirez takes us on our own personal and community fitness journeys together!

Getting fit is a journey, but you have to start somewhere! Whether you are a couch potato or an avid boot-camper, these series of WITNESS THA FITNESS classes offered exclusively at Mujeres Mercado will challenge and motivate you to make working out fun! Part of the fitness journey is knowing we want to become a better version of ourselves without being intimidated or shamed about body-image, as a traditional healer, Laura’s unique approach to heart, mind & body wellness provides a welcoming and nurturing space for you to take the first steps! Laura will not only be leading the class but is embarking on this journey as a two-time mama inviting the community to WITNESS THE FITNESS! Can I get a WITNESS!!

Laura Yohualtlahuiz Rios-Ramirez is one of our traditional healers. Her belief in utilizing dance and fitness as a vehicle for healing and balance stems from her background as a bgirl, danzante, yogi and bootcamper. She combines her knowledge of these various physical disciplines into her fitness regimes. She started Witness tha Fitness as part of her programming in Austin’s Mexican American Cultural Center in 2007 and we are excited to relish in it’s revival here in San Anto as part of the programming at The Vibrant Community!


Thursdays in Nov and Dec. 6:30 – 8pm
November 20th, No class on 27th (Thanksgiving)
December 4th, 11th, 18th, No class on 25th (Christmas)

Community Walk/ Run
Sat. Nov. 22nd 11am
Sat. Dec. 20th 11 am

Classes are offered on a sliding scale basis $10-5/ class and benefit “The Vibrant Community”. Please RSVP to for more information.
Co-sponsored by:  Southwest Workers Union



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